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Bad Drip Labs has been creating original, eye catching unique lines of premium e-liquids blended by twisted mixologists out of Rochester, New York since 2014. Bad Drip Labs produces an ever-growing collection of top shelf vape juice lines featuring masterfully crafted flavors in custom one of a kind packaging that can only be described in one word - Art. We are very excited to offer Bad Drip fans word wide a fast and reliable source to purchase their favorite Bad Drip E-Liquids 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Make sure to sign up for the Loyalty program to earn free E-Juice by buying E-Juice, new accounts get 100 Free Points instantly!



Bad Drip is the perfect fit for shops looking for a new quality liquid that your customers will love. The brand designs alone will get people talking. Bad Drip is known and loved worldwide, no need to push a brand no one has tried or heard of. Your customers will already know these delicious flavors. Bad Drip West has partnered with Twilight Wholesale, offering tiered pricing, same day shipping, and some of the coolest swag and marketing material you have ever seen! Contact us for free samples. New wholesale customers get 25% OFF first orders!

Bad Drip Liquids

Don't Care Bear - Sweet fruit gummy candy
Bad Blood - Mixed berries blended with Pomogranate and a touch of vanilla
Cereal Trip - Glazed Donut topped with fruity cereal loops soaked in creamy milk
Farley's Gnarly Sauce - Ripe strawberries and tangy kiwi bubble gum candy
Ugly Butter - Deep fried banana pudding with a touch of cinnamon


Pennywise - Watermelon taffy mixed with strawberry bubblegum
Sweet Tooth - Raspberry cotton candy
Laffy- Grape blueberry taffy candy
Twisty- Creamy raspberry yogurt
Splitz - Banana split sundae with vanilla custard
Skitzo- Green apple sucker dipped in thick sweet caramel
Crush- Sweet fizzy orange soda
Drooly- Sweet grape berry gobstopper


My Undead Girlfriend - Strawberry apple pineapple hard candy
Nancey's New Nightmare - Belgian waffle topped with salted caramel hazle nut syrup and pecans
The Lost One - Blue raspberry bomb pop pop rocks with sweet and tart candy
The Devil Inside - Mixed berries possessed with crisp green apple and juicy watermelon


Dark Star - Cinnamon buns sprinkled with oatmeal cookie crumbs
Deep Six - Blueberry grape rock candy
Killjoy - Rich vanilla custard sugar cookie
Neutrino - Tangerine orange creamsicle
Solara - Raspberry tangerine lemonade with a hint of watermelon rum
Spaced Out - Lemon poundcake topped with lemon merigue fluff


Brace Face - Strawberries with mango and peach
Dork Breath - Sweet tart watermelon lemonade
Snot Shot - Kiwi blended with apple mixed with pear


Lockjaw - Peach watermelon with strawberry pomogranate in a thick soft cream
Moist - Pineapple upside-down cake with vanilla ice cream and a maraschio cherry
Wonderland - Caramel seasalt ice cream topped with sliced strawberries and finished off with a frosted flake glazed crunch


Rabid - Carrot cake custard with cream cheese frosting
Dirt-E-Worms - Gummy worms smothered in cookie crumbles and chocolate pudding
Lemon Dead - Tart sour lemon candies dusted in sugar


Cupcake Freakz - Cake batter cupcakes covered in thick frosting
Shortcake Freakz - Strawberry shortcake soaked in fruit syrup
Berried Freakz - Raspberries, blueberries, and blackberries piled high


New wholesale customers get 25% OFF their first order! Limited time only

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